Following the Lord, and your Dreams

I consider myself a go-getter.  That is moved to hyper speed when I listen to podcasts and read books that motivate me (one of my favorite things)!  I enjoy following people like Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis (who are both awesome btw) for fresh drive and encouragement to follow my dreams.  I’m also a follower of Jesus, and the question comes in…. how do you follow God and hustle toward your dreams simultaneously?!  I can’t say that I’ve figured it all out but what I’ve learned through study and watching sermons (another one of my favorite things) is seeking God first leads you to everything else, including your dreams.  I’d rather do it all in His power and not my own, agree?

Put God first and do what you believe He is leading you to.

I believe putting God first is a combination of following what His Word says to do, and praying for guidance.  Gods Word says to acknowledge Him in all you do and He will guide you along the right path {Proverbs 3:6}.  He will instruct you in the way to go and counsel you {Psalm 32:8}.

Therefore, stay in tune with God each step as you work toward your dreams.  Avoid letting your passion for what you do get bigger than your passion for God. (Saul in the Bible is a good example of this).  I can hustle and work toward a goal, and that can get pretty consuming; of my time and my thoughts.  So as you pursue the dreams that God has put on your heart, try not to let what you’re shooting for become more important than your relationship with God. Let Him lead you on your journey.  Enjoy and hustle toward your passions but let nothing take the place of your passion for God!

As you go about your walk with God toward your goals and dreams, lift up others along side of you.  Say positive things to one another, encourage one another, and lets run our race doing everything God has made us to do!

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