Sisters In Christ

Why is it important to have sisters in Christ?  These are women you can share your heart for Jesus with and they understand.  Women who inspire you to be a steward of God’s Word and help you to stay on the right path.  Women who have a foundation of Truth, that give you advice that is Spirit lead and from the heart.  Say a prayer today for God to surround you with other believers.  There are many ways sisters in Christ can enrich your life;

-The same biblical foundation.  When you and your friend have the same Biblical foundation, advice will more likely come from a place of Truth.  You can challenge each other, share, and build each other up in the Truth to keep each other on the right track.  

-Prayer Warriors.  The power of prayer is amazing, and believers can use this gift of prayer for each other.

-Inspiring each other with Truth.  Friends that are believers can inspire and lift each other up by sending scripture to each other.  This is especially important when your friend is going through a hard time.  How great to share uplifting messages that speak Truth to their hearts!  They’ll likely return the favor when you have a need.

-Bible Studies.  I learned so much when I opened my home for my first Bible study.  Group discussions can help in so many ways with new insights, or a word that makes you realize you’re not alone.  Plus, you have special time with your friends to laugh, share, and catch up!

It’s important to have someone who can speak Truth into your life, inspire you with it, and pray for you.  Ask God for sisters and brothers in Christ today, and your life will be enriched because of it!

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