Hi all!  Let’s talk prayer life, shall we?  It’s something I’ve really had to grow and mature in, and I still am.  There was a point in time when I would just pray before bed (throughout the day is a much better option), I thought I had to be in the right posture, and I even thought I had to end each prayer with “in Jesus name, amen”.  Nothing wrong with that of course, but it is not a requirement for God to hear you.  Following God has allowed me to grow and mature in prayer, and to even enjoy it.  Here are a few lessons I’ve learned down the road.

Know God loves you. (Psalm 86:15, John 3:16) You can be more yourself when you know who you’re talking to someone who loves you and wants the best for you.  He knows you better than anyone, and He listens to you.  Knowing His love for you helps you to believe He is listening like a loving Father would and it takes the pressure off of being perfect.  You can cast your cares to Him and know He has it! (1 Peter 5:7)

Let God guide you.  Pray when it’s on your heart to do so, and on what He brings to mind.  This was helpful to me, because sometimes I can get overwhelmed in prayer.  There are so many people and big world prayers I want to do.  Leaving it to Him takes the pressure off and allows me to focus on specific things in prayer.

Know God wants the real you.  God meets you right where you are, so you can be yourself and pray ANYTHING to Him.  (Psalm 34:4-8) He already knows everything about you, so just be yourself!  (Psalm 139) You don’t have to be sitting the right way, saying the right things.

Pray and talk to Him throughout the day.  Don’t just save it all up for bedtime and try and remember what all you want to talk about.  This was big for me!  It keeps me close to Him throughout the day.  He wants to be a part of everything!

Write prayers down.  Go back in your notes to see where God has shown up.  Oh how that can give your faith a big BOOST!

I hope and pray that this blesses you and your prayer life.  Remember He wants all of you, just the way you are!



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